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Controlling a PC via HomeKit: revisited

A little more than three years ago I wrote a series of posts describing how to use Apple’s HomeKit to control the power of a desktop (or home server). The idea was to implement a solution that allowed me to turn the computer on or off using my iOS / iPadOS devices. The posts described […]

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Software-based KVM switch

Note: this text was mostly translated automatically from the original post in Portuguese 2 years ago. In this post I will show you how to make a KVM-switch for Linux using only software and some compatible hardware. I am using Fedora as my Linux distribution, but I believe the steps would be similar for Ubuntu, […]

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Configuring IntelliJ to work with Podman

Update: IntelliJ Idea version 2021.3 now supports Podman out of the box. If you are using that version, these may not be needed anymore. One of the things I missed when I migrated from Docker to Podman was the builtin integration in IntelliJ. As more users migrate to Podman, I believe it will be supported, […]

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Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX 200 issues

Apparently a recent upgrade of the Linux firmware packages has caused some Intel Wi-fi 6 AX 200 cards to stop working on Linux. These devices can be found on some motherboards like the Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI/X570 I. For some reason, kernel/device/etc complains that the version of the firmware cannot be loaded. When […]

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Failed unmounting /var/lib/docker

From time to time my desktop would hang when shutting down or rebooting it. Looking at the services output, I found this message: “failed unmounting /var/lib/docker” Although the reason is quite obvious, the root cause is not so easy to figure out. Also, it’s one of those scary situations where there’s simply not enough results […]

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Too Many Open Files

If your containers suddenly stop working due to “Too Many Open Files”, you can adjust that with the DefaultLimitNOFILE on the SystemD configuration files /etc/systemd/user.conf and /etc/systemd/system.conf. Depending your system setup, you may need to adjust both. In my case I have, DefaultLimitNOFILE=16384:65535 for the user.conf file and DefaultLimitNOFILE=65535:524288 for the system.conf file. Reboot your […]

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Using go and InfluxDB to find the best time to go the gym

I have been suffering from back pain for some time now and after several visits to the doctor, one x-ray and a scary MRI session, his diagnose was clear: I must work-out to harden the muscles on my back to avoid the pain. Indeed, several months without regular exercises along with a routine of being […]

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SSLHandshakeException: no cipher suites in common

Here’s a quick tip if you happen to have problems with the “ no cipher suites in common” exception. This may be caused because the java security settings is restricting the ciphers and algorithms that applications are allowed to use. This may be defined either at a system level (as in the case of Fedora, […]

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Controlling a PC via Apple HomeKit: part 2

On the first part of the tutorial, I showed how to install the infrastructure software to allow Apple devices to control a PC via Homekit. Now I am going to show how to install the services that interface with the infrastructure to execute the actions triggered by the Apple devices. Installing the power on service […]

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Controlling a PC via Apple HomeKit

This tutorial will show how to integrate a regular computer to a Apple’s HomeKit and use your iOS or iPadOS device to turn it on or off. Here’s a couple of videos showing how it should behave: This tutorial requires a iOS or iPadOS device, with the Home application, a Raspberry Pi and a computer […]