Messaging Reference Material

MQTT Cheat Sheet

The MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) messaging protocol is a lightweight protocol well suited for the Internet of Things. It is a simple protocol and an ISO standard. It comes with an extensible reference documentation. To help me learn about it and simplify my work flow, I created this cheat sheet (warning: PDF) which highlights […]

Coding Reference Material

Colors in GDB

I have been on a intense session of C/C++ hacking lately and one of the things I came across is this interesting StackOverflow topic about how to colorize the GDB output. There are plenty of tips there, but since I prefer vanilla GDB, I just stick to the first one and downloaded a customized GDB […]

Linux Reference Material

Linux fanzines

Although man pages are essential for anyone doing serious work on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, it’s hard to advocate for them as being user friendly and easy to read. Therefore, evangelists invent all sorts of things to spread knowledge about their favorite tools and technologies: tutorials, e-books, videos, etc. There’s even a coloring […]

Reference Material

Interesting Link

Recommended reading: P vs NP: The Assumption That Runs the Internet.

Coding Linux Reference Material

VIL: Very Important Links (updated)

Just some important links that might be useful for others. Ptrace is a linux syscall that allows you to manipulate process. It’s commonly used to implement debuggers, although you can do quite a lot of other interesting stuff with it: Playing with Ptrace, Part I Playing with Ptrace, Part II This link shows how to […]

Fedora Linux Reference Material

Fedora Linux 22 on Macbook Pro Retina