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Configuring IntelliJ to work with Podman

Update: IntelliJ Idea version 2021.3 now supports Podman out of the box. If you are using that version, these may not be needed anymore. One of the things I missed when I migrated from Docker to Podman was the builtin integration in IntelliJ. As more users migrate to Podman, I believe it will be supported, […]

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Minicloud: the Free OpenPower cloud

I recently got access to the Minicloud, a Free OpenPower Cloud hosted by Unicamp, one of the most prominent universities in Brazil. This cloud is a good way to ensure that your application provides good support for the Power architecture. Having access to this cloud, I can help ensure that some of the projects I […]

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Messaging performance: tips, tricks and tools

Today I gave a talk entitled “Messaging Performance: tips, tricks and tools” at the 2017 in Brno. For those interested in the subject, I have made the slides available here. The talk itself should also be available soon on the channel on youtube.

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Otavio’s must-watch talks

I compiled a list of 8 talks from 2017 that interested me. You can watch it here or just click play on the embedded video below:

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EOY 2016 links

Some links about interesting things I’ve read or watched by the end of 2016. Further comments are provided on each item of the list. Single file libraries: open source libraries with minimal dependencies. The sorry state of programming world as the end of 2016 AD: food for though regarding how most of development is done […]

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SonarQube database migration: MariaDB 5.5 to MySQL 5.7