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JChampions Conference Talks

For the last few days I have been attending the online JChampions Conference. This conference is organized and featured by Java Champions (widely recognized members of the Java community).

As I promised on Twitter, I selected a couple of talks from the event that I liked very much (I almost feel guilty of selecting just a few of these, because there were so many great talks in the event).

For the Twitter addicts like me, I included the links to the speakers profiles so you can follow them.

Understanding CPU microarchitecture by Alex Blewitt.

The Revolving Door Performance Anti-Pattern by Kirk Pepperdine.

The Secrets of the Fastest Java Developers on Earth by Victor Rentea.

Project Loom: Revolution in concurrency or obscure implementation detail? by Tomasz Nurkiewicz.

Query your codebase using CodeQL by Benjamin Muskalla.

In addition to the talks above, I also recommend these talks below. These are talks that I already know the subject or have watched in the past, so I skipped watching them, but I know they are great talks. I think they might be very interesting too.

By the power of Java : Main of the Cloud-ivers !!! by Jonathan Vila.

Continuous Performance Regression Testing with JfrUnit by Gunnar Morling.

Benefits of MQTT for IoT Apps and Beyond by Mary Grygleski.

There are a lot more interesting talks for this conference. I recommend you to check the whole set of videos in their channel.

By Otavio Piske

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