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Try Apache Maven Daemon

Have nothing better to do this – long, if you are in Czech Republic – weekend? Why not try Apache Maven Daemon, instead?

– 2022-09-23: the script was updated to Maven Daemon version 0.8.1.

Well, sadly if you are developing your Java code on an Apple Silicon Mac, there’s no ARM build yet due to infrastructure issues on GitHub.

Thankfully, this is open source and we can just build it from source! I created a script for the for the truly lazy – or those which prefer to automate things – to automate the task. It uses Homebrew to install required dependencies, so make sure you have that on your system before running the script.

Note: you should NOT run scripts from random strangers on the internet. So, do read it before running. After you do, then just run the following command to build it from source and install it:

curl -s "" | sh -s -- all

If you want to clean the mess then just run the all with clean and the script will clean it up:

curl -s "" | sh -s -- clean

Lastly, just include the following to your PATH variable: ${HOME}/.local/opt/mvnd-0.8.1/bin. This should allow you to just type mvnd from any place on the terminal and build whatever you need.

If you have comments or notes about the script, you can post a comment on its Gist.

By Otavio Piske

Just another nerd

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