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Data Structures

Data structures are a recurring topic for any software engineer: be it because it’s required for pretty much any interview or because you need to find the most adequate solution to a problem you are working with. Nonetheless, there are a vast amount of them and it’s not always easy to remember about them. The list below contains a list of interesting reference material about them.

  • Data Structure Visualizations: contains an animated walk-through through the most used/known data structures. A must see if you are having trouble understanding any of them.
  • Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs: a book about fundamental topics in computer programming.
  • Know Thy Complexities: a Big-O Cheat Sheet at a click of a mouse. Bônus point: it links to the Wikipedia articles about each of the items in the cheat sheet.
  • Core Algorithms Deployed: so you want to know who uses a Radix Tree? Lots and lots of good code showing how they are used in real-life.

And to add some art to the science, algorithms dance:

Bubble Sort:

Quick Sort:


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