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Eclipse Juno Sucks

I have been using Eclipse Juno for the last couple of months and I must say that it’s probably the worst Eclipse version I have ever used:

  • Important plugins (Findbugs, PMD, CodePro Analytix) don’t work or work badly.
  • The UI (perspectives) disappear out of nowhere and don’t come back.
  • It’s slow. Very. Slow.
  • The new UI is ugly.

So far, it’s biggest success is driving me towards IntteliJ.

By Otavio Piske

Just another nerd

2 replies on “Eclipse Juno Sucks”

Yep. Seems to leak memory if you leave it up and running for extended periods. If you add multiple plugins, you get all kinds of redundancies or irregular behaviors from the main menu bar and right-click menus.

This is not the main IDE's fault, but the fault of crappy plug-in developers. Eclipse is so modular, all kinds of crap can be stuffed into it, and it just makes it unusable. Also, some plug-ins interfere with other plug-ins, so any Eclipse configuration is going to be a crap-shoot.

I've seen the lead dev on my team (who recommended it in the first place!) get mad at it.

I've always found Netbeans to be better. They have a more consistent approach to the UI, so the user is less likely to make mistakes.

Totally agree, worse than the issues (which are really, really, really annoying), is that many of them were left to be fixed on Kepler, including very critical ones in my opinion. Waiting more than a year for something that used to work on Indigo is disappointing, to say the least.

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