Controlling a PC via Apple HomeKit: part 3

In the first 2 parts we installed the infrastructure and the tools to control the PCs. In this last part of the tutorial, we will create the scripts that will be run when the actions are triggered. Create the Power On script on the Raspberry Pi Create the directory where the script will be located. […]

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Controlling a PC via Apple HomeKit: part 2

On the first part of the tutorial, I showed how to install the infrastructure software to allow Apple devices to control a PC via Homekit. Now I am going to show how to install the services that interface with the infrastructure to execute the actions triggered by the Apple devices. Installing the power on service […]

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Controlling a PC via Apple HomeKit

This tutorial will show how to integrate a regular computer to a Apple’s HomeKit and use your iOS or iPadOS device to turn it on or off. Here’s a couple of videos showing how it should behave: This tutorial requires a iOS or iPadOS device, with the Home application, a Raspberry Pi and a computer […]

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Automating shelving of Jenkins jobs