Running Apache Camel within an Application Server

This week I needed to show a colleague how to use Apache Camel, Apache CXF and Spring to create a web-based integration application. To do so, I created a Camel-based implementation of the Simple Apache CXF examples I wrote in 2012. Although this topic is covered more than once on Camel documentation, some details are either missing, which can make it tricky to run this setup this the first time, or are specific to a the application server where the code will run.

Therefore, I created this example (which you can find in this repository in my GitHub account) to complement the official documentation with additional details. I used the open source GlassFish application server to run the code.

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Quick tips for running Java applications on OpenShift

Apache Commons Configuration:

It’s pretty common to need to set hostname or a port for your service in OpenShift. If you’re using Apache Commons Configuration, there’s a quick an easy way to access variables exported by the cartridges. You can address the environment variables using the ‘env’ prefix.

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Simple Apache CXF: client and server example

I needed a simple example of how to use Apache CXF to create a client and a server to show to one of my team mates and I couldn’t find one that I liked. Hence, I created a very simple and reasonably well documented ones. You can find the code on my GitHub repository. If you’re lazy, here’s the direct link to each one of them – along with build/run instructions:

Happy coding!