Coding Mac OS X

Quick Updates

I switched from MacPorts to Homebrew. As far as I can tell, I am not coming back :). Here’s some goodies for you: If you’re using HomeBrew and needs NTFS support, check How to Fix NTFS Support on OSX Lion. If you’re looking for Submarine, the famous command-line subtitle downloader, check out my Github repository.


Introducing SSPS

Are you tired of manually deploying your software? Please check the Simple Software Publication System. It’s still in development, but it already is able to help me.

Linux Ubuntu

My top 3 PPAs for Ubuntu

One of the things I love most about Ubuntu is how easy it is to install software. Ubuntu’s PPA plays a great deal on this. So, here’s a small list of my preferred PPAs: George Dumitrescu: indicator workspaces MyUnity: well, for MyUnity Peter Hurley: for Evolution Exchange Web Services (aka, evolution-ews). Adding these PPAs to […]

Coding Java

Solving MQRC_NOT_CONVERTED problem: the easy way