Understanding webservices specifications (and more)

We all know that JSON and RESTful web services are the new darlings of the Internet and, to some extent, backend development these days. Their simplicity over other mechanisms are, undoubtedly, a good thing. However, a large amount of the backend development still (will continue to) rely on SOAP and other mechanisms to provide services. That’s why it’s so important to understand them. This series or articles from IBM Developer Works can help you understand them:

On the other hand, if you want to understand the RESTful side of the force, you may want to read about Developing RESTful Services using Apache CXF.

Data Structures

Data structures are a recurring topic for any software engineer: be it because it’s required for pretty much any interview or because you need to find the most adequate solution to a problem you are working with. Nonetheless, there are a vast amount of them and it’s not always easy to remember about them. The list below contains a list of interesting reference material about them.

  • Data Structure Visualizations: contains an animated walk-through through the most used/known data structures. A must see if you are having trouble understanding any of them.
  • Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs: a book about fundamental topics in computer programming.
  • Know Thy Complexities: a Big-O Cheat Sheet at a click of a mouse. Bônus point: it links to the Wikipedia articles about each of the items in the cheat sheet.
  • Core Algorithms Deployed: so you want to know who uses a Radix Tree? Lots and lots of good code showing how they are used in real-life.

And to add some art to the science, algorithms dance:

Bubble Sort:

Quick Sort:


NoSQL: links for beginners

NoSQL databases are some of the hottest topics in the IT industry in the moment. A beginner can easily feel swamped with the amount of documentation available. Since I am a beginner to NoSQL as well, I separated two links which I access every now and then:

A Visual Guide to NoSQL explains how the commonly used NoSQL offerings relate to CAP Theorem.

A Beginner’s Guide to NoSQL is an article, originally written for the Software Developer’s Journal, that explain the basics principles and ideas behind the NoSQL databases.